Evening Chanting (Zoom)

Zoom chanting starts at 7:00 PM. The chanting will be in the Pāli language. Pāli was the language that the Buddha used to give Sermons to Indian people during his lifetime.  It is a very powerful language that all deities in the universe can comprehend and rejoice.

The program for chanting is as follows:

  • An invitation to the deities
  • Homage to the Buddha
  • Taking refuge in the Triple Gem.
  • The attributes of the Buddha
  • The attribute of the Dhamma
  • The attribute of the Sangha
  • One main Discourse will be substituted according to the day of the week
  • Radiating loving-kindness in all directions.
  • Sharing merits with the deities.
  • Aspirations

Zoom Meeting ID 263 987 6413 – Password 9999